15 Facts About Aptera Motors


Aptera Motors is an American startup high-efficiency car company based in San Diego, California.

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In 2019, Aptera Motors was re-formed by the original founders, Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro, as Aptera Motors Corp.

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Original Aptera Motors' design was a three-wheeled two-seat vehicle named the Aptera 2 Series.

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Aptera Motors published on their WeFunder page an investor presentation, dated July, 2020, with a production plan projecting Aptera first availability in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

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Aptera Motors's Frequently Asked Question page states first customer deliveries as happening in "late 2022" for the Paradigm Edition.

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Aptera Motors has stated in the timeline on its web site that it will begin design of a full-sized 6-passenger vehicle in the second half of 2020.

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However, Aptera Motors maintains that Aptera translates to "wingless flight".

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Later that year, Aptera Motors signed up to participate in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.

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In 2008, Aptera Motors hired several industry veterans to oversee engineering and production as well as marketing, and raised $24 million from Google, Idealab, Esenjay, the Simons family, and the Beall Family Trust.

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Automotive X-prize competition was held in 2010 and Aptera Motors's car entered but didn't finish the 50-lap trial, as its car overheated after 30 laps.

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In 2019, Aptera Motors was re-formed under the leadership of the original founders, Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro, as Aptera Motors Corp.

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The third vehicle, the Aptera Motors 2e, was intended for production, but the funding required was not achieved.

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In September 2007, the Aptera Motors website was updated with information on the new Aptera design, and the Mk-1 pre-production prototype was unveiled.

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Aptera Motors emphasized that safety was not traded off for efficiency, citing crash-test simulations and component-crush testing as indicating excellent survivability — on par with more conventional vehicles.

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Aptera Motors folded before real-world crash test results were made.

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