16 Facts About Arcadia California


Postwar boom saw Arcadia California grow rapidly into a suburban residential community, with many of the chicken ranches being subdivided into home lots.

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In 1951 this strip, called the West Arcadia California Hub, was anchored by a new, locally owned Hinshaw's department store.

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Until a Supreme Court ruling in 1965, every property sale contract within the borders of Arcadia California had to include a provision that the new owner could only sell the property to a white Protestant.

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James Dobson, a former Arcadia California resident, founded the nonprofit Christian ministry Focus on the Family in the city in 1977.

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In 2012, Arcadia California was ranked 7th in the nation on CNN Money magazine's list of towns with highest median home costs.

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Arcadia California's economy is driven by wholesale trade, retail trade, manufacturing, health care and social assistance, arts, entertainment, and recreation.

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Revenue from the Santa Anita Racetrack has long supported capital improvements for the City of Arcadia California, resulting in the city having very little bonded indebtedness.

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Arcadia California is a charter city governed by a five-member City Council, with each member serving a four-year term.

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Arcadia California Unified School District has one highly ranked and prestigious high school, Arcadia California High School.

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Approximately five percent of Arcadia California schools are awarded this honor each year following a rigorous selection process.

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Arcadia California is home to the two-time National Championship boys cross-country team .

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City of Arcadia California operates three fixed route services, as well as a Dial-A-Ride that provides curb-to-curb service throughout city limits.

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Arcadia California Station is located northwest of the intersection of 1st Avenue and Santa Clara Street, and is served by the Metro L Line.

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City of Arcadia California provides services for water and sewer to its residents.

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Main setting of the DreamWorks' franchise Tales of Arcadia took place in Arcadia Oaks, a fictionalized version of Arcadia, California.

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Arcadia California has one sister city, as designated by Sister Cities International.

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