79 Facts About Arcee


Arcee is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers franchise.

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Arcee is a female Autobot warrior who turns into a pink convertible.

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Arcee was a gunner and was depicted as being an excellent marksman.

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Arcee was not one of the Female Autobots in the aforementioned group.

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Arcee would appear sporadically over the course of the season, and even kept her main character status into the fourth season dubbed "The Rebirth".

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Arcee was a major player in "Dark Awakening", being among the crew zombie Optimus Prime betrayed aboard the mausoleum.

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Arcee did not become a Headmaster, but was a regular on this series, appearing in most of the episodes, from episode 1 "Four Warriors Come Out of The Sky" to episode 35 "The Final Showdown On Earth Part 2".

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Arcee appeared in the 1986 story and coloring book The Lost Treasure of Cybertron by Marvel Books.

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The Predacon Fractyl speaks with her after the rest of the group leaves, but is then almost killed by the Vehicons, and Arcee saves his life by sharing her Spark with him, converting him into a new body in the process.

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Later, after Shockwave's defeat, Arcee joined Ultra Magnus in trying to fortify one of Cybertron's moons – but her affections were the subject of a feud between Hot Rod and Springer.

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Arcee was his first test-subject and her creation was due to Jhiaxus altering with her CNA.

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Unlike her other versions, this Arcee, while still an Autobot by allegiance, is a violent, antisocial killer who is imprisoned by the other Autobots at Garrus 9 for her actions.

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Arcee is classified as a "level 9" threat, the only Autobot of that power level present in the prison during the assault.

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Arcee is informed by Hardhead that Jhiaxus cannot be destroyed forever as he is bound to the Dead Universe; she is pleased by this, as it means she has the chance to kill him, over and over, forever.

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Later on, Arcee joins with Prowl, becoming his personal assassin whom he deploys to murder Ratbat in order to keep peace on a post-war Cybertron.

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Arcee was met with displeasure by the humans, being called a token female and disliked for her pink color.

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Arcee was then used as bait in a Quintesson trap to claim the Creation Matrix from Rodimus Prime.

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Arcee achieved some measure of redemption by aiding Rodimus Prime, now reduced in power to his Hot Rod form, in his bid to reclaim Autobot City by activating Metroplex.

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Arcee later joined Rodimus Prime's time-travelling party, helping in the fight against Galvatron during the Time Wars.

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Arcee appeared in the TFcon 2009 voice actor play Bee for, Bee now.

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Arcee appears as a playable character in the 2003 video game The Transformers, voiced by Lenne Hardt.

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Arcee appears as an unlockable character in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron.

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Arcee appears as an unlockable character in the 2014 mobile video game Angry Birds Transformers.

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Arcee makes an appearance in the Robot Chicken episode "Junk in the Trunk".

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Arcee gives Optimus Prime flowers before he dies of prostate cancer.

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In 2003, the name Arcee was given to the Mini-Con known in America as Sureshock.

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In Transformers: Energon, Arcee had a wide-release original mold made in homage to the original character.

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Arcee was created to be a leader for the Omnicons and, as such, was the only Omnicon to have a unique name and body-type.

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Arcee was frequently partnered with Kicker on the battlefield.

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All of the Omnicon toys, including Arcee, were redecoed and released as Target store exclusives for the 2007 Transformers movie.

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Arcee appeared in the Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Energon comics, as one of the four Omnicons watched over by the Mini-Con Over-Run.

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Arcee would have further adventures battling Mirage, Sharkticon and Slugslinger to protect Kicker, eventually defeating them with Kicker's help.

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Arcee appeared in the text story from Fun Publications called "Force of Habit".

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Arcee served as captain of the Azusa which was sent to Gamma Serpentis.

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Arcee was initially set to be in the 2007 Transformers film and had a very positive fan reaction, but due to the fact that there was not enough time in the movie to explain the presence of a "female" in a robotic race, she was dropped from the script and replaced with Ironhide.

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Arcee is an unusual Cybertronian as she and her sisters are controlled by one mind, allowing them to attack with extremely precise timing.

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Arcee later sided with Optimus Prime against Megatron's orders to counter-attack their invaders.

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Arcee realized that Bumblebee knew more than he was revealing, but likewise said nothing when their squad was captured and tortured by the Decepticons.

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Arcee's return was noted by the Autobot Cosmos, who alerted Arcee, Cliffjumper, Smokescreen, Camshaft and Air Raid.

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In Revenge of the Fallen, Arcee was accompanied by two similar Transformers, Chromia and Elita One, sharing similar robot and vehicle forms, as well as the same holographic driver.

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In Bumblebee, Arcee makes a small talking cameo at the beginning of the film with her original G1 appearance.

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Arcee is a female Autobot who seems to be inspired by her Generation 1 counterpart and Susan Blu reprises the role.

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Arcee was originally a teacher before the war began, her full name being Teaching Unit RC-687040.

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Arcee makes an appearance in the "Transformers Animated" episode "Thrill of the Hunt".

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However, by the events of "This is Why I Hate Machines", when Megatron arrives to Cybertron in Omega Supreme, the exposed Shockwave begins setting up a scheme to track down Arcee and acquire the access code to Omega Supreme from her.

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Arcee's plans are delayed when Ratchet and Captain Fanzone arrive on Cybertron and made an attempt protect to Arcee before Shockwave escapes with her.

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Arcee was among the Autobots who attacked the Arch-Ayr fuel dump.

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Arcee was attacked by the laughter inducing Decepticon Dirge as she fired on Gutcruncher.

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Arcee is one of the main group of Autobots in the 2010 computer animated series Transformers: Prime.

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Arcee is the most focused character in the series, and arguably the show's main protagonist for much of the first and second seasons.

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Arcee played a smaller role in the third season, but had an episode that focused on her, "Plus One", where she started a potential relationship with Wheeljack, convincing him to stay with the Autobots.

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Arcee is the only character to have actual flashbacks and complete in-depth origin episodes, whereas characters such as Optimus Prime and Smokescreen have images of an event while they narrate the story.

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Arcee is the only character to have two "arch-enemies" Starscream and Airachnid, creating a three-way rivalry, holding a grudge against the two for killing her former partners Cliffjumper and Tailgate respectively.

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Arcee is the only character who appeared in every single episode of the series until "Triangulation" in the middle of the second season.

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Arcee appears in the short story Bumblebee at Tyger Pax By Alex Irvine.

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Arcee appears as an unlockable character in the 2010 video game Transformers: War for Cybertron and on a poster in its 2012 sequel Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

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Arcee appears as a playable character in the 2012 video game Transformers: Prime – The Game.

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Arcee, as the Angry Birds Stella transformed, is an unlockable character in Angry Birds Transformers.

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Arcee hacked into the Decepticons's communications signal there, and found their weapons lab in Kaon.

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Arcee found Cliffjumper a brash soldier inappropriate for her stealthy mission, but he convinced her Kaon was too dangerous and that she could use his ship to go to Earth.

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Duo entered the city through the maintenance tunnels Arcee had once explored, and she found a secret staircase by activating an Autobot symbol on the wall.

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Concerned by the repercussions of the Decepticons's discovery of how to build space bridges, Arcee wanted to destroy it, but Cliffjumper convinced her it was their way off Cybertron.

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Distracting Starscream with a ruse, Arcee activated the space bridge and overloaded its systems, jumping through it with him before it blew up.

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Arcee was shocked to hear they'd been created by Shockwave.

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Arcee took part in the testing of Ratchet's newly developed Safe training room, though she was amused by the medic's interest in making things explode.

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Arcee roundly mocked Bulkhead as he attempted to decorate a Christmas tree.

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Arcee crashed inside to rescue him from MECH, though he insisted on following the baddies up to the roof.

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Bumblebee and Arcee teamed up to take out the cannons manned by Vehicons that Starscream had brought along.

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Arcee was bemused by Jack's demonstration of bobbing for apples.

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Arcee was on the team which visited the Deep Driller oil platform and encountered General Madison and his men.

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When Bulkhead went missing, Arcee searched in vain until Miko managed to work out he was on the Decepticon ship.

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Arcee took part in a battle against the Decepticons in The Wave.

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Arcee took to the shadows, and once Optimus had rescued the other hostages, Arcee rescued Chuck Chuckles and took down the two Decepticons herself.

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Arcee occasionally takes time out from defending the universe and protecting the planet Earth in disguise to answer fan mail.

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Arcee was a regularly appearing character in the Transformers: Prime animated series.

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Arcee was a participant in the Great War and originally was partnered with Tailgate.

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Arcee began working alone and distancing herself from others to cope with her grief.

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Arcee was captured by Starscream and taken captive alongside fellow Autobot Cliffjumper.

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Arcee claimed to have never met him before and when Starscream said he would kill Cliffjumper if she did not cooperate, Arcee showed little to no concern about him.

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