12 Facts About Archaic Greek


Archaic Greece was the period in Greek history lasting from circa 800 BC to the second Persian invasion of Greece in 480 BC, following the Greek Dark Ages and succeeded by the Classical period.

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Indeed, although much knowledge of Classical Greek art comes from later Roman copies, all surviving archaic Greek art is original.

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Archaic Greek period saw significant urbanisation and the development of the concept of the polis as it was used in Classical Greece.

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Archaic Greek set up the Council of the Four Hundred, responsible for discussing motions which were to come before the Assembly.

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The earliest Archaic Greek tyrant was Cypselus, who seized power in Corinth in a coup in 655 BC.

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Archaic Greek was followed by a series of others in the mid-seventh century BC, such as Orthagoras in Sicyon and Theagenes in Megara.

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Similarly, Greg Anderson has argued that archaic Greek tyrants were not considered illegitimate rulers, and cannot be distinguished from any other rulers of the same period.

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Archaic Greek population doubled during the eighth century, resulting in more and larger settlements than previously.

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Also in the seventh century BC, Archaic Greek sculpture began to directly represent gods, a practice which had disappeared after the end of the Mycenaean period.

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Possibly the earliest known Archaic Greek inscription is found on a jug from the first half of the eighth century BC, discovered in Osteria dell'Osa in Latium.

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Archaic Greek poetry was primarily intended to be performed rather than read, and can be broadly divided into three categories: lyric, rhapsodic, and citharodic.

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Beginnings of Greek tragedy have their roots in the archaic period, though the exact history is obscure.

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