10 Facts About Arcimoto


Arcimoto is an electric vehicle company headquartered in Eugene, Oregon that manufactures and sells the Fun Utility Vehicle, or FUV, a tandem two-seat, three-wheeled electric vehicle.

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In 2017, Arcimoto filed an IPO and was listed on NASDAQ as FUV and soon after began delivering its first production vehicle named the FUV.

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In June 2020, Arcimoto started working with Sandy Munro to streamline the design and manufacture.

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Arcimoto has designed and built eight generations of three-wheeled electric vehicle prototypes.

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Arcimoto produces multiple products based on the same vehicle platform.

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CEO of Arcimoto says that the vehicles use off-the-shelf motor controllers, battery cells, and switched reluctance motors, as well as a two-stage reduction gearbox developed and built in house.

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Arcimoto stated that the vehicles contain two single speed parallel gear trains with a 7:1 ratio.

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In 2021, Arcimoto purchased a manufacturing facility, unofficially dubbed the RAMP, about a city block away from AMP 1.

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Arcimoto is conducting pilot programs of the Rapid Responder with the City of Eugene, the Eugene Springfield Fire Department, and the city of Eastvale, California.

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Arcimoto is conducting pilot programs with companies and organizations around the US.

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