12 Facts About Arianne Martell


Arianne Martell is a member of House Martell and the heir to the desert kingdom of Dorne.

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Arianne Martell is the first introduced person of color to serve as a point of view character in the book series and has been positively received as a strong and complex female character.

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Arianne Martell was controversially cut from the television adaptation Game of Thrones, wherein the Dornish storyline was considerably altered.

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Arianne Martell fears being replaced as his heir by her younger brother Quentyn Martell due to never having been trained for rule and due to a letter suggesting that Doran intends to name Quentyn heir.

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Arianne Martell seduces Arys Oakheart to win his support of Myrcella's claim.

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Arianne Martell is the first introduced person of color to serve as a point of view character in A Song of Ice and Fire and is along with Asha Greyjoy and Melisandre considered to be among the minor female point of view characters in the books.

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Arianne Martell is a popular character among readers and is regarded as one of the most compelling female characters in the series.

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Arianne Martell is portrayed with a sense of empowerment and as cunning and highly intelligent.

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Arianne Martell stands up to men around her who try to act as her superior.

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Since Arianne Martell is revealed to be more complex in her own chapters, this appears to be intended to reflect real-world stereotypes being present in the fictional world.

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Reason for omitting Arianne Martell were never disclosed by the production team but commenters speculated that it mainly had to do with trimming down the storyline because of time constraints.

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Arianne Martell's exclusion was met with some surprise since she is one of the handful of strong and complex major female characters in the books.

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