13 Facts About Aristobulus I


Aristobulus I was the eldest of the five sons of John Hyrcanus, the previous leader.


The Sadducees and the Essenes were not concerned about Aristobulus I taking the title of king, but the Pharisees were infuriated; They felt that the kingship could only be held by the descendants of the Davidic line.


The Pharisees began a massive rebellion, but Aristobulus I died before any attempt to depose of him could occur.


Aristobulus I's reign is particularly noted for the Judaization of Galilee as well as the native Semitic people called Ituraeans.


Aristobulus I was the first Hasmonean to have adopted the name, but his Hebrew name is Judah.


Aristobulus I was referred to as Philhellene, meaning he was an admirer of Greek culture.


Aristobulus I had gone to war against the Ituraeans and taken territory from them.


Aristobulus I became estranged of Antigonus once he heard of him parading at the temple courts in armour.


Aristobulus I was then informed by "evil men" that his brother was sending soldiers to murder him.


The queen had bribed the messenger whom Aristobulus I sent to his brother; the original message was altered by her.


Queen Salome then released Aristobulus I's brothers, selecting Alexander Jannaeus as the next king.


The numismatic evidence does not indicate Aristobulus I assumed the title of king.


Doubts of Josephus's statement that Aristobulus I being the first Hasmonean monarch is indicated by his coins which do not contain the title of "king".