16 Facts About Arizona State


Arizona State University is a public research university in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

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One of three universities governed by the Arizona State Board of Regents, ASU is a member of the Universities Research Association and classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity".

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Arizona State University was established as the Territorial Normal School at Tempe on March 12,1885, when the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature passed an act to create a normal school to train teachers for the Arizona Territory.

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In 1929, the 9th Arizona State Legislature authorized Bachelor of Arts in Education degrees as well, and the school was renamed the Arizona State Teachers College.

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Arizona State served a three-year term, during which he focused on improving teacher-training programs.

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Arizona State guided the development of the university's graduate programs; the first Master of Arts in Education was awarded in 1938, the first Doctor of Education degree in 1954 and 10 non-teaching master's degrees were approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in 1956.

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Arizona State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Arizona State serves as the principal investigator for the Mars Odyssey THEMIS instruments, as well as co-investigator for the Mars Exploration Rovers.

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Gold signifies the sunshine Arizona State is famous for; including the power of the sun and its influence on the climate and the economy.

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Arizona State is aided by Sparky's Crew, male yell leaders that must meet physical requirements to participate as members.

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In 2012, Arizona State University reintroduced the tradition of ringing a bell after each win for the football team.

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The Arizona State Press covers news and events on all four ASU campuses.

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Residence Hall Association of Arizona State University is the student government for every ASU student living on-campus.

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Arizona State University has produced over 400,000 alumni worldwide.

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Arizona State University has been visited by nine United States presidents.

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Arizona State returned to ASU in 2006, and in 2014, President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton came to campus to host the Clinton Global Initiative University.

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