8 Facts About Chelsea Clinton

1. Monica Lewinsky says Bill Chelsea Clinton should want to apologize to her: 'He would be a better man for it'.

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2. In December 2007, Chelsea Clinton began campaigning in Iowa in support of her mother's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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3. In May 2017, Chelsea Clinton published another children's book entitled, She Persisted.

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4. In March 2017, Chelsea Clinton was named to the Board of Directors of Expedia Group.

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5. In 2012, Chelsea Clinton received an award from the Temple of Understanding for her "work in advancing a new model of integrating interfaith and cross-cultural education into campus life", together with Imam Khalid Latif and Rabbi Yehuda Sarna.

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6. In 2003, Chelsea Clinton completed an MPhil degree in international relations at Oxford.

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7. At age four, Chelsea Clinton had begun taking dance classes in Arkansas, and she continued her dance training at the Washington School of Ballet for several years.

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8. In 2007 and 2008, Chelsea Clinton campaigned extensively on American college campuses for her mother's unsuccessful Democratic presidential nomination bid and introduced her at both the 2008 and 2016 Democratic National Conventions.

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