24 Facts About Arlington Texas


Arlington Texas grew as a cotton-ginning and farming center, and incorporated on April 21, 1884.

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In 1929, a horse-racing track called Arlington Downs was constructed by W T Waggoner and Brian Nyantika close by to the speakeasy.

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In 1958, the Arlington Texas Downs was completely destroyed by commercial developers.

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Arlington Texas became one of the "boomburbs", the extremely fast-growing suburbs of the post-World War II era.

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Arlington Texas falls in the Cfa region of the Koppen climate classification system which is a climate zone characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters.

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Retail shopping, Arlington Texas is home to the Parks Mall at Arlington Texas, which houses numerous stores, eateries, an ice skating rink, and a movie theatre.

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Arlington Texas is home to Theatre Arlington Texas, one of the largest community theatres in the nation, which produces quality live theatre year-round and offers theater classes for all ages.

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In 2016, the city's art museum hosted a public art project called "The Star of Arlington Texas" to promote their new slogan as the "American Dream City.

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Levitt Pavilion Arlington Texas opened in 2009 and offers 50 free concerts per year in downtown Arlington Texas featuring a diverse range of music genres.

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In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arlington Texas became the first city since 1944 to hold every World Series game in a single city at Globe Life Field.

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UT Arlington Mavericks are the athletic teams representing The University of Texas at Arlington.

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Every high school in Arlington Texas is home to a variety of sport programs, some ranking among the state's and nation's best.

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim outfielder Vernon Wells grew up in Arlington and attended Bowie High School, San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence attended Arlington High School and played collegiate baseball at The University of Texas at Arlington, and St Louis Cardinals pitcher John Lackey played for UTA.

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City of Arlington is a voluntary member of the North Central Texas Council of Governments association, the purpose of which is to coordinate individual and collective local governments and facilitate regional solutions, eliminate unnecessary duplication, and enable joint decisions.

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Arlington Texas is home to the following State House districts: the 92nd represented by Jeff Carson, the 93rd represented by Matt Krause, the 94th represented by Tony Tinderholt, the 95th represented by Nicole Collier (D), the 96th represented by David Cook, and the 101st represented by Chris Turner (D).

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Arlington Texas is home to several public and private colleges and universities.

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Arlington Texas Baptist University is a private 4-year Bible college affiliated with the World Baptist Fellowship that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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Not all city of Arlington Texas residents are in the AISD, and not all AISD students are residents of Arlington Texas.

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Arlington Texas has dozens of private and public charter schools not affiliated with any ISDs.

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Amtrak's Arlington Texas Eagle makes stops at Fort Worth Central Station 14 miles to the west and Dallas Union Station 18 miles to the east.

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Many years, Arlington Texas had the notorious distinction of being the largest city in the United States that was not served by a public transportation system.

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The City of Arlington Texas has a lower than average percentage of households without a car.

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In January 2017, Arlington was part of a Texas state-wide designation as an Automated Vehicle Proving Ground by the U S Department of Transportation.

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Arlington Texas offers Via Arlington Texas, a public, on-demand, shared transportation service in partnership with the TransitTech company Via, which began in December 2017.

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