13 Facts About Armored cruiser


Armored cruiser was a type of warship of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Many decades, naval technology had not advanced far enough for designers to produce a cruiser which combined an armored belt with the long range and high speed required to fulfill its mission.

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Varying in size, the armored cruiser was distinguished from other types of cruiser by its belt armor—thick iron plating on much of the hull to protect the ship from shellfire much like that on battleships.

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In 1908, the armored cruiser was supplanted by the battlecruiser, which, with armament equivalent to that of a dreadnought battleship and speed equivalent to that of a cruiser, was faster and more powerful than an armored cruiser.

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Armored cruiser was developed in the 1870s as an attempt to combine the virtues of the armored ironclad warship and the fast and long-ranged, but unarmored, cruisers of the time.

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Breakthrough for the protected Armored cruiser design came with the Chilean Esmeralda, designed and built by the British firm Armstrong at their Elswick yard.

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Armored cruiser's was redesignated a "second-class battleship" in 1894, an awkward compromise reflecting that, at 16.

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The final nail in the coffin for the armored cruiser type was in the development of capped armor-piercing shells.

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Armored cruiser's was heavily damaged by British aircraft and was scuttled to prevent her capture.

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Armored cruiser's was later scuttled to prevent her capture by the Japanese during the Invasion of The Philippines.

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Only armored cruiser still considered to be in existence, as well as in active duty, is the aforementioned Georgios Averof, preserved as a museum in Palaio Faliro, Greece.

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Armored cruiser was not a close ancestor of heavy cruisers, even though the name might suggest this.

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The armored cruiser type had come about in a time of transition as one technology after another presented itself.

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