12 Facts About Arshad Hasan


Arshad Hasan was previously executive director for Democracy for America.

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Arshad Hasan attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in political science.

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From 2003 to 2004, Arshad Hasan worked as a statewide organizer for Green Corps on citizen engagement and democracy.

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Arshad Hasan organized statewide environmental issue campaigns on behalf of Clear the Air in Arizona, Bluewater Network in Washington, and Oceana in Florida.

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From April to August 2004, Arshad Hasan worked as an assistant canvass director for the Fund for Public Interest Research in Rochester, New York.

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Arshad Hasan started at DFA as a training coordinator and was later promoted to training director.

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Arshad Hasan remained at this position until October 2007, when his boss unexpectedly left and he was promoted to executive director.

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Arshad Hasan sits on the board of directors for Outright Vermont.

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Arshad Hasan has been heavily involved with Netroots Nation, a nationwide non-profit that organizes the progressive online community, since 2007.

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In late 2010, DFA and Arshad Hasan received a large amount of press when the controversy over the Park51 Islamic Community Center in downtown Manhattan started.

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The disagreement between Dean and Arshad Hasan turned into a conversation about resolving religious and cultural differences.

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In November 2013, Arshad Hasan was named the executive director of ProgressNow, a national network of state-based progressive advocacy groups.

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