24 Facts About Arvind Gaur


Arvind Gaur is an Indian theatre director known for innovative, socially and politically relevant plays in India.

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Arvind Gaur is the leader of Asmita, Delhi's "most prolific theatre group", and is an actor trainer, social activist, street theatre worker and story teller.

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Arvind Gaur was the recipient of a research fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

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Arvind Gaur was on the guest faculty of Delhi University for Theatre in education program for three years.

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Arvind Gaur has conducted many theatre workshops and performed in colleges, institutions, universities and schools in India and abroad.

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Arvind Gaur has directed more than hundreds stage and street plays over 25 years.

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Arvind Gaur's father died on 16 April 2009 and his mother died on 19 September 2019.

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Arvind Gaur has one brother Anil Gaur and three sisters: Shashi Prabha, late Mithlesh and Dr Anita Gaur.

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Arvind Gaur has twins daughters Kakoli Gaur Nagpal and Saveree Gaur.

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Arvind Gaur worked with the Navbharat Times newspaper as culture columnist for about four years.

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Arvind Gaur was in charge of the research and programming there.

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Arvind Gaur started his theatre journey with classics like Tughlaq, Andha Yug, Caligula, Julius Caesar, etc.

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Arvind Gaur performed Girish Karnad's Tughlaq in a small basement theatre.

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Arvind Gaur's Tughlaq was selected as "the best play of the year 1994" by Sahitya Kala Parishad.

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Arvind Gaur achieved greater heights during a decade in theatre.

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Arvind Gaur collaborated with theatre artists and groups specially in exploring a new language for solo performances.

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Arvind Gaur directed more than 40 street theatre performances on socio-political issues.

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Arvind Gaur has always raised voice against any socio-political issue that effects the common public.

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Arvind Gaur directed street plays like Corruption, Garbage, Road Rage, and Dastak which is against the issue of eve teasing.

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Arvind Gaur's street plays are always thought-provoking and leave a huge mark on the mindset.

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Arvind Gaur is regarded as a man with a message who believes that change can start from society, if we wish to start the change.

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Arvind Gaur assisted Shri Habib Tanvir during the Prithvi Theatre Festival.

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Major cinema and theatre actors who trained under Arvind Gaur are Kangana Ranaut, Deepak Dobriyal, Manu Rishi, Shilpa Shukla, Rashi Bunny, Aishveryaa Nidhi, Tillotama Shome, Imran Zahid, Sheena Chohan, Seema Azmi, Ishwak Singh and Suraj Singh of Veere Di Wedding fame.

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Sonam Kapoor attended Arvind Gaur's acting workshop to learn the nuances of street theatre for her film Raanjhanaa.

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