13 Facts About At Seventeen


Critics praised "At Seventeen", which earned Ian the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Grammy nominations for Record and Song of the Year.

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At Seventeen was inspired to write the single after reading a The New York Times article about a young woman who thought her life would improve after a debutante ball and her subsequent disappointment when it did not.

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At Seventeen recalled feeling uncomfortable while writing "At Seventeen" as it predated the confessional song trend of the 1970s.

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At Seventeen was uncertain about writing about high school when she had never experienced a homecoming or a prom.

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At Seventeen said she purposely took her time with the song to ensure it did not lose its "intensity"; she repeatedly stopped and started work on it over the course of three months.

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At Seventeen said Ian was easy to work with as she had prepared by bringing lyric sheets and arrangements to the studio sessions.

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At Seventeen reasoned that radio personalities would choose "At Seventeen" as the better single and feel smarter than the record label.

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Gart asked radio stations to play only the first sixty seconds of "At Seventeen" followed by an advertisement for the song to encourage people to call in and request the rest.

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At Seventeen closed her eyes while singing it for the first six months because she was afraid the audience would laugh at her.

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At Seventeen later said that the frank lyrics encouraged pathos from the listeners.

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At Seventeen sang it on an episode of The Tonight Show, with guest host Steve Lawrence.

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At Seventeen included it on her Las Vegas residency show Celine, and recorded a Babyface-produced cover for her eleventh English-language studio album Loved Me Back to Life.

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At Seventeen included the live version on her iTunes exclusive extended play Live Session, released in 2007.

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