14 Facts About Dulwich


Dulwich formed part of the ancient parish of Camberwell in Surrey, which became the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell within the County of London in 1889; in 1965, the borough was abolished and the area became part of the newly-created London Borough of Southwark.

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Dulwich vested his wealth in a charitable foundation, the College of God's Gift, established in 1619.

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The Dulwich waters were cried about the streets of London as far back as 1678.

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Dulwich Village contains the original shopping street and still contains nearly all of its original 18th and 19th century buildings.

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Dulwich is home to Dulwich Hamlet FC, founded in 1893 and competing in the National League South today.

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However, in 2015 it was announced that Dulwich Hospital was to be closed and replaced by a school.

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Old Burial Ground, Dulwich Village, was created by Edward Alleyn as part of the foundation of his College of God's Gift.

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Dulwich was responsible for the design or influence of in excess of 25 homes in the area, each built in its own individual style.

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All Saints Church, West Dulwich alongside Rosendale Road is a Victorian Gothic building, originally intended to be the cathedral for south London.

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Dulwich sits astride the South Circular, one of London's Ring Roads.

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Dulwich is served by London Buses routes 3,12,37,40,42,176,185,197,201,363,484,450, P4 and P13.

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Dulwich was rushed to hospital but was dead on arrival at King's College Hospital.

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Dulwich has been home to several Members of Parliament and senior Civil Servants.

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Ian McColl, Baron McColl of Dulwich who served as John Major's Parliamentary Private Secretary in the House of Lords, lives there.

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