32 Facts About Atmel


Atmel Corporation was a creator and manufacturer of semiconductors before being subsumed by Microchip Technology in 2016.

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Atmel serves applications including consumer, communications, computer networking, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and military.

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Atmel makes much of its product line at vendor fabrication facilities.

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Atmel was an acronym for “advanced technology for memory and logic”.

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Rather than fight the patent claim, Atmel redesigned its products to use different intellectual property.

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Atmel used US$60 million in venture capital for the 1989 purchase of a fabrication facility from Honeywell in Colorado Springs.

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In 1991, Atmel expanded the Colorado facility after acquiring Concurrent Logic, a field-programmable gate array manufacturer.

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Atmel made its initial public offering in 1991 which yielded more than US$65 million.

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In 1995, Atmel was among the first companies to license the ARM architecture, creating its AT91 family of devices, followed by the SAM family, and more recently a full selection of Cortex-based solutions, including ones based on the ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4.

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In 1995, Atmel acquired the pan-European chipmaker European Silicon Structures and thus gained a fabrication facility in Rousset, France.

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Atmel acquired Digital Research in Electronic Acoustics and Music in 1996.

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Atmel formed a design team in Trondheim, Norway to develop the Atmel AVR line of RISC microcontrollers.

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In 1998, Atmel purchased part of TEMIC from Vishay Intertechnology, which provided them with a fab in Germany as well as part of MHS from Vishay that gave them a fab in Nantes, France.

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In September 2000, Atmel acquired a fabrication plant in North Tyneside, England, from Siemens, via a £28 million grant from the UK government and paying Siemens around US$35 million.

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Under Laub Atmel divested more manufacturing plants and business lines.

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Atmel announced the sale of its North Tyneside facility on October 8,2007.

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In 2010, Atmel received approval from the French government to sell its fab to Germany-based LFoundry GmbH, while retaining their design center there.

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Atmel completed the sale of their Secure Microcontroller Solutions smart card business to INSIDE Secure.

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In February 2011, Atmel sold its Digital Research in Electronics, Acoustics and Music business, which sold products for karaoke and other entertainment machines, for US$2.

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In 2008, Atmel bought Queens Award-winning Quantum Research Group Ltd.

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Atmel purchased the smart metering product lines of IDT Corporation in March 2013.

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In October 2008, Atmel received an unsolicited offer from Microchip Technology and ON Semiconductor, estimated at US$2.

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Atmel had previously heard offers from Cypress Semiconductor and Dialog Semiconductor in 2015, and the deal with Microchip was expected to be finalized at the end of Q2 2016.

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Atmel finally merged with Microchip Technology in July 2016 after prolonged negotiations for US$3.

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Finally, Atmel offers a line of IR controllers that can support infrared as well as RF wireless.

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Atmel makes both touchscreen controller ICs and its XSense flexible touchscreen.

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Atmel makes sensor hubs that manage accelerometers, gyroscopes, inertial measurement units and magnetometers.

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Atmel makes simple touch controller chips for buttons, sliders, and wheels used on industrial and consumer products.

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Finally Atmel offers a trusted platform module that gives strong hardware-based public key security for both personal computers and embedded processors on a single chip.

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Atmel makes power management and analog companions that combine a group of discrete ICs often used in handheld or battery-powered products.

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Atmel modified or specialized many of its products for the automotive market.

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Atmel has chips specialized for the smart energy and smart metering markets.

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