22 Facts About Au5


Au5's music encompasses a range of electronic genres such as dubstep, house, trance, drum and bass, drumstep and ambient, and he is known for fusing the characteristics of trance and dubstep in his music.

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Au5 is best known for his releases on Canadian label Monstercat, some of which have received millions of views on YouTube.

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Au5 performed at South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, in 2015.

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Au5 returned to Monstercat in 2018 with the single "The Journey", featuring Australian musician Trove.

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Au5 has collaborated with various artists including BT, Crystal Skies, Fractal, Mr Bill, Last Heroes and Seven Lions, among others.

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In May 2012, Au5 released his first EP, Iconoclast, on Atom Recordings, which consisted of five dubstep tracks.

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Au5 described this in April 2013 as one of several turning points in his music career.

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In March 2014, Au5 released the progressive house track "Follow You", featuring Danyka Nadeau, which was followed up by a remix EP in July, featuring remixes by Ducked Ape, Fractal, Rootkit, Virtual Riot and Volant as well as a VIP.

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In March 2015, Au5 performed at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

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Au5 stated that he had begun to deviate with the label in terms of sound.

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In early 2016, Au5 toured the United States with Swedish producer Liquid Stranger and American producer Space Jesus on the "Rise of the Wakaan" tour, his first major tour.

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In July 2016, Au5 performed at Motion Notion festival in Golden, British Columbia, Canada, which he has said was one of his favourite places to perform at.

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In November 2016, Au5 released Freefall, a four-track EP with Christina Soto, on Gravitas Recordings.

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In January 2017, Au5 released his first sample pack, Elemental, on Splice Sounds, followed by a second sample pack in December based on the Freefall EP.

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Au5 toured with Seven Lions on his "Journey II" tour in late 2018.

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Au5 continued to release music in 2019, both on Monstercat and with self-releases.

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In February 2020, Au5 collaborated with Nytrix a second time to release the dubstep track "Always In A Nightmare".

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Au5's music encompasses a range of electronic genres, including dubstep, house, trance, drum and bass, drumstep and ambient.

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Au5 has described his sound as "melodically and sonically rich electronic music" and has noted that he is especially known for his take on dubstep.

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Au5 has cited BT as an influence, whom he first heard through the 2011 track "A Million Stars".

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Au5 has stated that his primary influence for producing ambient music was the 1995 Jonn Serrie track "Continuum", which he heard at around age 16.

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Au5 has described Fractal as a major personal influence and friend.

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