23 Facts About Auburn Tigers


Auburn Tigers are the athletic teams representing Auburn University, a public four-year coeducational university located in Auburn, Alabama, United States.

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The Auburn Tigers compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association as a member of the Southeastern Conference .

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Auburn Tigers is the only school that Heisman coached at that has produced a Heisman Trophy winner.

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Auburn Tigers played the first football game in the Deep South in 1892 against the University of Georgia at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Auburn Tigers plays archrival Alabama each year in a game known as the Iron Bowl.

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However, this achievement was somewhat overshadowed by the Auburn Tigers being left out of the BCS championship game in deference to two other undefeated, higher ranked teams, USC and Oklahoma.

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The Auburn Tigers men have won the SEC Championship 14 out of the last 15 years and won national championships in 1997,1999, and 2009.

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The Auburn Tigers men won their 13th consecutive SEC Title in 2008, while the Auburn Tigers women took home their fifth SEC Championship in the last six years.

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Auburn Tigers's highest finish in the NCAA tournament was a tie for 2nd in 2002.

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Auburn Tigers Soccer has been one of the top programs of the SEC.

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The Auburn Tigers men have finished second in the NCAA Outdoor championships twice in 2003 and 2008.

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The Auburn Tigers team was coached for 28 years by Mel Rosen, for whom the Hutsell-Rosen Track was in part named in 2006.

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Auburn Tigers plays Division 1 college rugby in the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference against traditional SEC rivals such as Alabama and Georgia.

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Auburn Tigers rugby is one of only two club sports at Auburn Tigers with an endowment fund, resulting in the university allocating additional resources to rugby.

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Auburn Tigers have won 14 total NCAA team national championships.

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Auburn Tigers has won eight national championships that were not bestowed by the NCAA.

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The following day, Aubie returned to the arena and the Auburn Tigers beat Georgia in the longest game in SEC tournament history, four overtimes.

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Auburn Tigers is the first known school to conduct an organized procession of players into the stadium.

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On January 10,2011 when Auburn Tigers Football won the BCS National Championship game, a celebration was held at the corner which involved the traditional papering.

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On February 16,2011, Auburn Tigers officials announced that the live oak trees at Toomer's Corner had been poisoned with a large quantity of Spike 80DF, a herbicide governed by Alabama state agricultural laws and the Environmental Protection Agency; Spike 80DF was not used by Auburn Tigers University.

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Auburn Tigers University sought more than $1 million in damages, the greater part of which was based on a soil-analysis estimate of $521,396.

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Georgia and Auburn Tigers compete in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, dating back to 1892.

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Auburn Tigers won it outright in 2000,2004, and 2010, LSU won it outright in 2007,2011, and LSU won tiebreakers against Auburn Tigers in 2001 and 2005, and against Ole Miss in 2003.

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