12 Facts About Auckland Domain


In 2014, the geographic hill between Parnell and Grafton, locally known as "The Auckland Domain", was officially named "Pukekawa", as set out in a Treaty of Waitangi Settlement.

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Auckland Domain is the remains of Pukekawa volcano, one of the oldest volcanoes in the Auckland volcanic field, that erupted approximately 100,000 years ago.

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The Domain was one of the few areas close to the settlement of Auckland with remaining trees, and the proclamation of the Domain as a reserve protected these trees.

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In 1866, the springs at the Auckland Domain became the first piped source of water for the town of Auckland after the Waihorotiu Stream became unsuitable.

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In 1910, Auckland Domain witnessed the first ever rugby league test match in New Zealand when Great Britain defeated New Zealand in the 1910 Great Britain Lions tour.

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From 1 December 1913 to 18 April 1914, the Auckland Domain was the site of the Auckland Exhibition, whose president was local businessman William Elliot.

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Auckland Domain provided a further sum of money to construct the art deco entrance gates.

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Auckland Domain is the location of several other public artworks including Guy Nygan's "Millennium Tree" and "Kaitiaki" by Fred Graham.

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The Auckland Domain Cenotaph surrounded by a Court of Honour in front of the museum, is modelled on the 1920 Empire Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, was consecrated by the Archbishop of New Zealand in November 1929.

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In 2005, a monument for the Auckland Domain Regiment was installed south of the central cone Pukekaroa.

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Auckland Domain has hosted many of New Zealand's largest outdoor events.

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War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain is the site of the largest annual ANZAC service in Auckland.

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