28 Facts About Augmented reality


Augmented reality is an interactive experience that combines the real world and computer-generated content.

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Primary value of augmented reality is the manner in which components of the digital world blend into a person's perception of the real world, not as a simple display of data, but through the integration of immersive sensations, which are perceived as natural parts of an environment.

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Commercial augmented reality experiences were first introduced in entertainment and gaming businesses.

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Subsequently, augmented reality applications have spanned commercial industries such as education, communications, medicine, and entertainment.

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Augmented reality is used to enhance natural environments or situations and offer perceptually enriched experiences.

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Augmented reality has a lot of potential in the gathering and sharing of tacit knowledge.

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Various technologies are used in augmented reality rendering, including optical projection systems, monitors, handheld devices, and display systems, which are worn on the human body.

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Mobile augmented reality applications are gaining popularity because of the wide adoption of mobile and especially wearable devices.

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Augmented reality uses a computer-generated image which has a striking effect on the way the real world is shown.

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The more that computers progress, augmented reality will become more flexible and more common in society.

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Augmented reality technology allows to utilize the introduction of 3D space.

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Augmented reality has been explored for many applications, from gaming and entertainment to medicine, education and business.

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Some earliest cited examples include augmented reality used to support surgery by providing virtual overlays to guide medical practitioners, to AR content for astronomy and welding.

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Augmented reality is applied to present new projects, to solve on-site construction challenges, and to enhance promotional materials.

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Augmented reality is becoming more frequently used for online advertising.

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Augmented reality systems are used in public safety situations, from super storms to suspects at large.

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Augmented reality systems provided aerial camera operators with a geographic awareness of forest road names and locations blended with the camera video.

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Augmented reality gives users the ability to practice different forms of social interactions with other people in a safe, risk-free environment.

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Augmented reality went on to produce early location-based AR games for titles like Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary, NBA: King of the Court, and Halo: King of the Hill.

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Augmented reality allowed video game players to experience digital game play in a real-world environment.

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Augmented reality gaming is used to market film and television entertainment properties.

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One of the first applications of augmented reality was in healthcare, particularly to support the planning, practice, and training of surgical procedures.

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Recently, augmented reality began seeing adoption in neurosurgery, a field that requires heavy amounts of imaging before procedures.

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Augmented reality applications, running on handheld devices utilized as virtual reality headsets, can digitize human presence in space and provide a computer generated model of them, in a virtual space where they can interact and perform various actions.

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In industrial environments, augmented reality is proving to have a substantial impact with more and more use cases emerging across all aspect of the product lifecycle, starting from product design and new product introduction to manufacturing to service and maintenance, to material handling and distribution.

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Reflets is a novel augmented reality display dedicated to musical performances where the audience acts as a 3D display by revealing virtual content on stage, which can be used for 3D musical interaction and collaboration.

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Concept of modern augmented reality depends on the ability of the device to record and analyze the environment in real time.

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Milwaukee County, Wisconsin attempted to regulate augmented reality games played in its parks, requiring prior issuance of a permit, but this was criticised on free speech grounds by a federal judge; and Illinois considered mandating a notice and take down procedure for location-bound augmentations.

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