8 Facts About Aung San

1. Aung San was to all intents and purposes Prime Minister, although he was still subject to a British veto.

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2. Aung San was offered the rank of Deputy Inspector General of the Burma Army, but he declined it in favor of becoming a civilian political leader and the military leader of the Pyithu yebaw tat.

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3. Aung San made plans to organize an uprising in Burma and made contact with the British authorities in India, in cooperation with the Communist leaders Thakin Than Tun and Thakin Soe.

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4. Aung San was appointed War Minister, and the army was again renamed, this time as the Burma National Army.

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5. Aung San was made a colonel and put in charge of the force.

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6. In February 1941, Aung San returned to Burma, with an offer of arms and financial support from the Fumimaro Konoe government of Japan.

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7. In October 1938, Aung San left his law classes and entered national politics.

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8. Aung San was born to U Phar, a lawyer, and his wife, Daw Suu, in Natmauk, Magway District, in central Burma on 13 February 1915.

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