24 Facts About Aunt Sal


Aunt Sal is a recurring fictional character in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Anna Karen Introduced in 1996, she has appeared sporadically from 21 March 1996 until 29 December 1997, then from 28 September 2001 until 17 September 2004,19 July 2007 until 4 April 2011 and 22 November 2013 to 20 January 2017.

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Aunt Sal appears for just a few episodes at a time and has been collectively featured in 57 episodes of the show.

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Aunt Sal has, on occasion, been credited as Sal Martin, which is her and Peggy's maiden name; Sal's married name is not known to viewers.

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Aunt Sal is a heavy smoker and when visiting her sister, enjoys parking herself at the end of the bar with her cigarette.

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Aunt Sal is married to downtrodden Harold, and mentions a son in January 1997 and a daughter to Peggy at Grant and Tiffany Mitchell's wedding blessing ceremony.

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Aunt Sal appears again in January 1997, to support Peggy through her breast cancer, and then again at Grant and Tiffany's blessing where she stands in for Peggy in August 1997.

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Aunt Sal comes to stay with the Mitchell family for Christmas 1997.

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Whilst Aunt Sal is inside, Courtney is taken, causing everyone to panic.

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Aunt Sal is later found being looked after by Bianca Butcher, Tiffany's best friend.

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Aunt Sal makes another appearance on 14 August 2008 for Peggy and Archie Mitchell's engagement party.

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Aunt Sal spends Christmas Eve 2008 with Peggy, complaining about the price of her taxi and joking about Jean Slater's health condition.

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Aunt Sal is next seen on 2 March 2009 when Janine Butcher invited her to dinner.

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Aunt Sal reveals to Janine that she and her sister, Peggy were involved in pole dancing for the gangland in the 1960s.

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Aunt Sal attends Peggy's hen night later in the month and following Peggy's wedding to Archie in April 2009 and the startling revelations that follow, Aunt Sal takes Peggy back to her home with her to escape Archie.

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Aunt Sal complains about the food and tells another diner she hopes there will be entertainment.

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Aunt Sal appears when Roxy and Jack come to talk to Ronnie and take her home.

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Aunt Sal rudely expresses her doubts about Alfie and marriage in general, stating that women in the Mitchell family are cursed when it comes to love.

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Aunt Sal then attends the wedding, but moments after Roxy and Alfie are married, Alfie realises that he is still in love with his ex-wife, Kat Moon.

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Aunt Sal speaks to Ronnie, off-screen and Peggy reveals that she does not want Phil to marry Sharon Rickman.

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Aunt Sal ultimately fails in the task, but reveals Peggy's feelings at the reception to all the guests by reading a text from her sister.

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Ronnie denies that Peggy is there, but Aunt Sal recognises the smell of Peggy's perfume, so she reveals herself.

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Aunt Sal attends Ronnie and Jack's wedding on New Year's Day 2017, after which Roxy and Ronnie die after drowning in a hotel swimming pool.

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Later that month, Aunt Sal attends Ronnie and Roxy's funerals, where she berates their mother, Glenda Mitchell, for walking out on them when they were children, resulting in Glenda fleeing the church in tears.

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In January 2022, Aunt Sal was referenced by Sharon Watts who revealed that Phil was likely to be staying in her holiday home, whilst on the run.

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