21 Facts About Australia Post


The head office of Australia Post is located in Bourke Street, Melbourne, which serves as a post office.

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Australia Post is the successor of the Postmaster-General's Department, which was established at federation in 1901 as the successor to colonial post services.

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Australia Post would advertise in the Sydney Gazette the names of all those who received mail.

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The legislation authorises Australia Post to remove any mail articles that are suspected of being scam mail.

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In October 2019, Australia Post completed a major rebranding project with Melbourne-based brand strategy firm Maud.

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In 2019, with parcels deliveries increasing while letter deliveries falling, the Australia Post Office transferred several thousand workers from letters to parcels.

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In 2021, Australia Post began using its first electric trucks; three Fuso Ecanters in Melbourne.

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Australia Post is self-funding and uses its assets and resources to generate profits, which can be reinvested in the business or returned as dividends to its sole shareholder, the Australian Government.

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Under its community service obligations, Australia Post is committed to providing an accessible, affordable and reliable letter service for all Australians wherever they reside.

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The highest Australia Post Office is located in Perisher Ski Resort at 1720m above sea level.

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Australia Post operates in three core markets: letters and associated services; agency services and retail merchandise; and parcels and logistics that span both domestic and international markets.

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Australia Post collects, processes and distributes letters for the entire Australian community and between Australia and other countries overseas.

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Agency services: Australia Post provides third-party agency services that connect consumers, businesses and government bodies such as bill payment services, banking services and identity services.

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Australia Post offers personal finance products, such as car and travel insurance and currency conversion.

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Australia Post collects, processes and delivers single parcels or multi-parcel consignments all across Australia and internationally.

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Australia Post now offers parcel lockers at over 500 locations near post offices, supermarkets and railway stations.

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Australia Post has had a long and difficult relationship with the Communication Workers Union.

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In May 2015 Australia Post had a legal battle with Sendle, a transnational courier using the slogan "Post without the office".

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Australia Post claimed that the term was deceptively similar to their trademark and what they stand for.

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Australia Post's retorted, "I appreciate the optics of the gifts involved do not pass the 'pub test' for many".

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Australia Post is owned by the Australian Government, but is commercialized through corporatization, and does not receive funding from the government.

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