13 Facts About Australians


Australians, colloquially known as Aussies, are the citizens, nationals and individuals associated with the country of Australia.

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Australians are referred to as "Aussies", or "Antipodeans" by those in the northern hemisphere.

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Anglo-Celtic Australians have been highly influential in shaping the nation's character.

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Italian Australians are Australians of Italian ancestry, and comprise the largest non Anglo-Celtic European ethnic group in Australia, with the 2021 census finding 4.

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Chinese Australians are Australians of Chinese ancestry, forming the single largest non Anglo-Celtic ancestry in the country, constituting 5.

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Chinese Australians are one of the largest groups of Overseas Chinese people, forming the largest Overseas Chinese community in Oceania, and are the largest Asian-Australian community.

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Many Chinese Australians have immigrated from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, while many are descendants of such immigrants.

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The very early history of Chinese Australians involved significant immigration from villages of the Pearl River Delta in Southern China i e mostly from the Cantonese subgroup.

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Less well-known are the kinds of society Chinese Australians came from, the families they left behind and what their intentions were in migrating.

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Indian Australians are Australians of Indian ancestry, and are the second-largest Asian Australian ancestry, comprising 3.

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Indian Australians are one of the largest groups within the Indian diaspora.

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Indigenous Australians are descendants of the original inhabitants of the Australian continent.

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Indigenous Australians is an inclusive term used when referring to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, i e : the "first peoples".

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