29 Facts About Babar Azam

1. Babar Azam, is a Pakistani international cricketer and captain of the Pakistan national cricket team in all formats.

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2. Babar Azam is ranked as the number 1 batsman in ODIs, number 2 ranked batsman in t20Is and the number 3 batsman in Tests.

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3. Babar Azam was born on 15 October 1994 into a Punjabi Muslim family.

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4. Babar Azam sought guidance from Rana Sadiq, his first coach, who taught him in real terms, what batting is.

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5. In May 2015, Babar Azam was included in the Pakistani ODI squad for home series against Zimbabwe.

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6. Babar Azam was not selected to play in the Test series.

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7. Babar Azam was included in the squad for the away ODI series against Zimbabwe in September 2015.

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8. Babar Azam contributed in his side's victory by scoring 29 runs.

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9. Babar Azam was selected in the home series against the West Indies in 2016.

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10. Babar Azam scored a century in the fifth ODI, which was only the second century ever scored by a Pakistani batsman in Australia after Zaheer Abbas in 1981.

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11. Babar Azam entered the top 10 batsmen's ranking in ODIs for the first time ever.

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12. Babar Azam scored an unbeaten 125 in the 2nd ODI of the three–match ODI series at Providence Stadium, Guyana.

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13. Babar Azam was listed in 2017's ICC World ODI XI for the first time ever.

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14. In November 2018, in the second Test against New Zealand, Babar Azam scored his first century in Test cricket.

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15. Babar Azam missed out on his second consecutive century when he was dismissed on 97 in the second Test match.

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16. Babar Azam captained the team for the first time in ODIs in Pakistan's home series against Zimbabwe.

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17. On 10 November 2020, Babar Azam was appointed captain of Pakistan's Test side, ahead of their tour to New Zealand.

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18. On 14 April 2021, Babar Azam scored his maiden T20I century, in a winning cause against South Africa in the Centurion Stadium.

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19. In September 2021, Babar Azam was named as the captain of Pakistan's squad for the 2021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup.

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20. Babar Azam represented Islamabad United in the inaugural season of the Pakistan Super League.

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21. Babar Azam was retained by the Kings for the 2018 season and was the third-highest run-scorer with five half-centuries.

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22. Babar Azam was again retained ahead of the 2019 Pakistan Super League.

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23. Babar Azam was Player of the tournament in 2020 season.

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24. In 2017, Babar Azam played for Guyana Amazon Warriors in the Caribbean Premier League and Sylhet Sixers in the BPL.

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25. Babar Azam is the only cricketer to score 5 consecutive centuries in a single country.

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26. Babar Azam is the fastest batsman to score 7, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 ODI centuries.

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27. Babar Azam is the first Pakistani captain to beat India in a world cup match.

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28. Babar Azam is one of 3 Pakistani batsman to score a century in all formats and has the highest T20I score for Pakistan.

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29. Babar Azam was the first Pakistani and fourth captain to score a century in every format.

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