10 Facts About Back-to-Africa movement


Back-to-Africa movement was based on the widespread belief among some European-Americans in the 18th and 19th century United States that African-Americans would want to return to the continent of Africa.

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In general, the political Back-to-Africa movement was an overwhelming failure; very few former slaves wanted to move to Africa.

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The back-to-Africa movement was seen as the solution to these problems by both groups, with more support from the white population than the black population.

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Blacks often viewed the project with skepticism, particularly among the middle-class, who feared that the Colonization Back-to-Africa movement was a ploy to deport freed African Americans to restrict their efforts against slavery.

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Back-to-Africa movement visited Liberia and made plans, largely unrealized, to assist Blacks in relocating there.

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Back-to-Africa movement eventually began to decline, but would see a revival again in 1877 at the end of the Reconstruction era, as many blacks in the South faced violence from groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

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Back-to-Africa movement's managed to convince him to support their cause, playing on their mutual goal of racial separatism.

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Cox provided influential connections that the Back-to-Africa movement had previously lacked, and he gave the issue of black emigration political exposure when he managed to convince members of the Virginia General Assembly to recommend the US Congress provide financial aid for this in 1936.

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Back-to-Africa movement proposed an amendment to the House Joint Resolution 679—a work relief bill—in 1938, that would have "repatriated" African-American volunteers to Liberia, providing them with financial assistance.

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Back-to-Africa movement returned to national prominence in the 1960s, due to the racial unrest caused by the Civil Rights Movement.

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