10 Facts About BackSlash Linux


BackSlash Linux is based on Ubuntu's Long Term Support releases, which its developer actively maintains for bugs and security for years even as development continues on the next release.

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BackSlash Linux Anna was a complete system in itself providing the end-users with all types of needed daily use software.

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Second release of BackSlash Linux was published on 20 December 2016 and was called BackSlash Linux Elsa.

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Lot of applications used in BackSlash Linux Anna were dropped in this release to cut down the ISO size but It added a lot of additional applications besides the core applications shipped with elementary OS and replaced the Epiphany browser by Google Chrome.

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BackSlash Linux Elsa embarked the inclusion of many utilities like Backups, DVD Burner, TeamViewer and Synaptic Package Manager.

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BackSlash Linux Olaf is the third major and the current release of BackSlash Linux.

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BackSlash Linux Kristoff was released as a public beta on 13 August 2017, adding features like Fingerprint and HWE Kernel Support to the Linux Distro world which was followed up Deepin Linux, which added fingerprint support to Deepin 15.

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Security of BackSlash Linux was based on Ubuntu and all the Security and Software updates are provided by Canonical Ltd.

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BackSlash Linux can be booted and run from a USB flash drive on any PC capable of booting from a USB drive, with the option of saving settings to the flash drive.

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BackSlash Linux released two official flavours - MATE and GNOME and a Server Edition of the Operating System.

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