11 Facts About Bai people


The State of Bai people was located in present-day Midu County, Dali Bai people Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

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Today the Bai people accept minority status for pragmatic reasons but are culturally nearly indistinguishable from Han Chinese.

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One prerequisite for creating a hybrid form of Chinese would be a unique cultural identity, distinct from the Han, but the Bai people have been said by the sinologist Charles Patrick Fitzgerald to have held no 'strong national feeling' even before 1949.

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Ironically those debates were of the groups of people who were assimilated into Bai, rather than the issue per se.

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Bai people made up one of the tribes who helped establish the Nanzhao Kingdom .

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The Dali Kingdom was founded by a Bai people named Duan Siping whose family had played major roles in the Nanzhao Kingdom.

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Unlike the Han and most other Chinese minority groups, the Bai people ate cheese and made it from either cow or goat milk.

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Bai people tea ceremony, San Dao Cha ???, is most popular among the Bai people in the Dali area and is a common sight at festivals and marriages.

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However, some Bai people engage in fishing and selling local handicrafts to tourists.

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Bai people fishermen have trained cormorants to fish since the 9th century.

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Bai people architecture is characterized by three buildings forming a U and a fourth wall as a screen.

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