16 Facts About Baildon


Baildon is a town and civil parish in the Bradford Metropolitan Borough in West Yorkshire, England and within the historic boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

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Baildon is known to have been inhabited for many centuries; several cup-and-ring stones on Baildon Moor has shown evidence of Bronze Age inhabitation.

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Baildon Moor has a number of gritstone outcrops with numerous prehistoric cup and ring marks.

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Baildon is recorded as Beldone and Beldune in the Domesday Book.

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Baildon had two manor houses: one on Hall Cliffe, the other in lower Baildon.

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Baildon was an important location for the British Gypsy community.

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Across Baildon Moor is the village of Menston, the town of Ilkley and Ilkley Moor.

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Baildon is situated on a hill to the north of the River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

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Baildon is 9 miles from Leeds city centre and 3 miles from Bradford city centre.

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Residents of Baildon went through the appropriate legal process and as a result Baildon Parish Council was formed which held its first full meeting 14 May 2007.

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Baildon ward is represented on Bradford Council by three Conservative councillors, Valerie Townend, Mike Pollard and Debbie Davies.

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Baildon has a modest town centre with most everyday amenities including independent traders, estate agents and family law solicitors.

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Charlestown in south east Baildon is the area of Baildon with the highest concentration of industry.

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Baildon Orchestra is an amateur orchestra which was formed in the mid 1940s and still meets on a weekly basis throughout the year.

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Late journalist and Countdown TV game show presenter Richard Whiteley was a native of Baildon, and Austin Mitchell, Labour Member of Parliament for Great Grimsby from 1977 until 2015, was born in Baildon.

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Ex-Yorkshire and England cricket fast bowler Matthew Hoggard, though originally from Pudsey, lived in Baildon for some years and was a member of Baildon Cricket Club.

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