10 Facts About Baiyue


Term Baiyue first appears in the book Lushi Chunqiu compiled around 239 BC.

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Baiyue commanded the army to evict the region and resettle the people between the Changjiang and Huai River, leaving the region a deserted land.

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Baiyue then met and married Au Co, a fairy, daughter of Ðe Lai.

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The territory of the Baiyue was divided into the three provinces of Guilin, Nanhai, and Xiang.

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Baiyue withdrew the army stationed in Changsha on the Han-Nanyue border.

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Baiyue's tried to kill him at a banquet but was stopped by Xing.

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Baiyue's advance was checked by Co Loa Citadel for over a year, but the Lac lords became increasingly nervous at the sight of a large Han army.

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Han Chinese referred to the various non-Han "barbarian" peoples of southern China as "Baiyue", saying they possessed habits like adapting to water, having their hair cropped short and tattooed.

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Baiyue broke off [the leaves] at the top and threw them to the ground, and the woman picked them up [before they hit the ground].

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Baiyue's responded, and they fought three bouts, and just as the woman lifted the stave to strike him, Lord Yuan flew into the treetops and became a white gibbon .

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