11 Facts About Bajoran


Various Bajoran characters were included in several of the Star Trek series, including Ro Laren in The Next Generation as well as a number of others in Deep Space Nine, which was set on a space station near to Bajor, and which featured Bajoran characters such as Kira Nerys and Winn Adami .

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Bajoran people were originally divided into castes, called d'jarras, that dictated a person's place in Bajoran society; members of a lower-ranking d'jarra were expected to defer to those of a higher caste.

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Bajoran religion, called The Way of the Prophets, is a major unifying force on the planet.

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The Bajoran religion involves regular services which are intended to teach the "Will of the Prophets".

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Hierarchy of the Bajoran faith has never been explained in great detail, though a certain amount is known:.

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Central figure in the Bajoran faith is known as "the Emissary", a being believed to be sent by the Prophets to aid Bajor.

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Bajoran Militia was the military arm of the Bajoran Provisional Government, originally made up of many former resistance fighters from the Occupation of Bajor.

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Bajoran officers were organized by divisional specialty, wearing different uniform colors for each .

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Bajoran's introduced Commander Sisko to an Orb or Tear of the Prophets, and was the first to refer to him openly as "the Emissary".

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Bajoran's was then consumed and killed by the Pagh Wraiths, leaving the post of Kai again vacant at the end of the Deep Space Nine television series.

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Also, the Bajoran government begins selecting a councillor to represent Bajor on the Federation Council.

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