24 Facts About Kira Nerys


Kira Nerys's was a member of the resistance, and the decades-long conflict has left her tough and uncompromising, but she is sustained by her strong faith in traditional Bajoran religion.

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Kira Nerys's has been assigned to Deep Space Nine, a space station jointly operated by the United Federation of Planets and the new Bajoran government, where she serves as second in command as the ranking representative of her people.

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Kira Nerys's has two brothers, and her parents' names are Kira Taban and Kira Meru .

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Backstory of the character states that Kira Nerys was born 2343, in Dakhur province, Bajor, during the 50-year Cardassian occupation of the planet.

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At age 13, Kira Nerys was recruited into the Shakaar resistance cell, part of an underground movement which carried out guerrilla attacks against Cardassian military and civilians with the ultimate goal of ending the occupation.

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Kira Nerys is assigned as the senior Bajoran Militia officer aboard Deep Space Nine, acting as the station's executive officer under the Starfleet Commander Benjamin Sisko, who commands the facility.

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Kira Nerys's is deeply religious, which makes her relationship with Sisko somewhat complicated; not only is he her commanding officer, he is the emissary of the Prophets, the Bajorans' gods.

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At the beginning of the sixth season, The Federation is losing the war against the Dominion and this, alongside a Vedek's suicide which she witnesses, galvanizes Kira Nerys to start plotting a resistance movement against the Dominion.

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Towards the end of the seventh and final season, Kira Nerys is promoted to colonel and temporarily commissioned as a Starfleet commander.

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Kira Nerys's is still in command several years later as seen in the Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 episode, "Hear All, Trust Nothing".

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Kira Nerys becomes romantically involved with Bareil Antos, a prominent Bajoran vedek .

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Kira Nerys continues to carry the fetus until birth, essentially becoming a part of the O'Brien family.

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At the beginning of the series, Kira Nerys despises Dukat for helping oversee the occupation of Bajor and takes every opportunity to antagonise him further.

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Dukat's military career and status suffer when he takes Ziyal back to Cardassia Prime and he and Kira Nerys join forces to help defend both Cardassia and Deep Space 9 against a Klingon invasion.

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Dukat and Kira Nerys have one final encounter in the seventh season when he abducts her to space station Empok Nor and reveals he has become the leader of a cult worshipping the evil Bajoran spirits known as the Pah-Wraiths.

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Kira Nerys has a fractious relationship with Vedek Winn, a Bajoran religious leader who is in favour of separating her people from the influence of The Federation.

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Kira Nerys nearly prevents Winn becoming the new Kai, but realises that doing so would reveal the truth about her predecessor Kai Opaka's role in a massacre and possibly lead Bajor into a civil war.

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Winn and Kira Nerys remain adversaries even when working together in Bajor's interests, especially when Winn attempts to interfere in government matters.

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Later in the sixth season, Kira Nerys is possessed by a Prophet and nearly defeats a rival Pah-Wraith which has possessed Jake Sisko, but Winn floods the station with chroniton radiation and the reckoning is stopped; Kira Nerys is furious that Winn has defied the will of the Prophets and that the Pah-Wraiths remain at large.

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Kira Nerys opens every Bajoran Orb simultaneously in a sacred place in order to defeat a monstrous enemy.

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Kira Nerys convinces the mirror-Sisko to rebel against the Intendant-Kira Nerys and start the Terran Resistance.

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The mirror Kira Nerys falls in love with her double from the other universe.

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In Star Trek and Sacred Ground: Explorations of Star Trek, Religion, and American Culture, it is noted that Kira Nerys was not shown worshipping privately until the 1997 episode "Ties of Blood and Water".

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In 2016, the character of Colonel Kira Nerys was ranked as the 7th-most-important character of Starfleet within the Star Trek science fiction universe by Wired.

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