11 Facts About Jake Sisko


Jake Sisko is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise.

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Jake Sisko appears in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and is portrayed by actor Cirroc Lofton.

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Jake Sisko is the son of Deep Space Nine commanding officer, Benjamin Sisko.

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Jake Sisko soon becomes friends with a Ferengi named Nog, son of Rom, despite the disapproval of both of their fathers.

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Jake Sisko aspires to be a writer, although he declined a scholarship to the Pennington School in 2371.

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Jake Sisko briefly dated a Bajoran dabo girl named Mardah against his father's wishes, who embarrasses Jake by revealing his penchant for dom-jot hustling and poetry.

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In 2372, Jake Sisko wrote a draft of his first novel, Anslem, under the influence of Onaya, an alluring alien woman who feeds on creative neural energy by tactile absorption through the cranium .

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Jake learnt that since his father and he were in close proximity when the accident occurred, a strange side effect has been causing Jake to act as a sort of anchor to his father in sub-space throughout the years, occasionally pulling Benjamin Sisko into the real world.

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Jake Sisko determined that if he takes his own life during one of these visits, the connection will be severed and Ben will return to the time of the accident.

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When he is dying Jake Sisko released his father during a final "visit" and his father returned to the past, dodges the energy bolt and prevents this timeline from occurring .

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Jake Sisko introduces his father to freighter captain Kasidy Yates, with whom he becomes romantically involved and marries in the final months of the Dominion War.

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