13 Facts About Starfleet


Starfleet is a fictional organization in the Star Trek media franchise.

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The terms Star Service, Spacefleet Command, United Earth Space Probe Agency, and Space Central were all used to refer to the Enterprises operating authority, before the term "Starfleet" became widespread from the episode "Court Martial" onwards.

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Multiple Star Trek: Enterprise episodes refer to Starfleet having started operation some time between 2112 and 2136, when it funded research begun by Zefram Cochrane and Henry Archer, which led to the first successful flight of Warp-3 vessels in the 2140s.

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Starfleet Headquarters is shown to be located on Earth, northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge in the present-day Fort Baker area.

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Additionally, various episodes show Starfleet operating a series of starbases throughout Federation territory, as ground facilities, or as space stations in planetary orbit or in deep space.

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Starfleet has been shown to handle scientific, defense, and diplomatic missions, although its primary mandate seems to be peaceful exploration in the search for sentient life, as seen in the mission statements of different incarnations of the USS Enterprise.

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The flagship of Starfleet is often considered to be the starship USS Enterprise.

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The term "Starfleet Command" is first used in TOS episode "Court Martial".

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Starfleet Intelligence is an intelligence agency of the United Federation of Planets.

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Starfleet Security is an agency of Starfleet referred to in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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Starfleet Tactical is a rarely mentioned department in Starfleet that is responsible for planning defensive strategies, as well as engaging in weapons research and development.

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T'Pol of Vulcan is shown to be the first non-human Starfleet officer, receiving a commission as a commander following the Xindi mission and her resignation from the Vulcan High Command.

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Starfleet is told that since he is from a non-member world, he requires a letter of recommendation from a command-level officer before his application can be considered, with the implication that this is the standard procedure for all non-Federation applicants to Starfleet.

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