11 Facts About Ballet Rambert


Dame Marie Ballet Rambert, founder of Ballet Rambert Dance Company, was born in Warsaw, Poland where she was inspired to become a dancer after seeing Isadora Duncan perform.

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Ballet Rambert went to Paris and after an early career as a recital artist and teacher she was engaged by Serge Diaghilev's Ballets Russes as assistant to the choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky on The Rite of Spring.

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In 1919 Rambert established a dance school in Notting Hill Gate, London, teaching Checchetti's methods and in 1920, she transitioned into teaching ballet professionally.

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In 1926, Ballet Rambert formed a dance troupe using students from her school.

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The Ballet Club was formed using the finest dance talent that Rambert could find, and was to become the first classical ballet company established in the United Kingdom.

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Whilst developing a strong ballet culture in Britain and insisting on solid classical training, Rambert always intended that her company would dictate new trends in dance.

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The Ballet Rambert was recognised as one of the most innovative ballet companies of the 20th century, producing some of the world's most renowned choreographers.

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Ballet Rambert has since developed a worldwide reputation in this field, becoming known as the Rambert Dance Company in 1987.

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In November 2013, Ballet Rambert moved from Chiswick, London, to new, purpose-built headquarters on London's South Bank.

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Ballet Rambert was given a plot of land by Coin Street Community Builders, in exchange for delivering an annual dance outreach programme.

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The Ballet Rambert School is an affiliate of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama.

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