13 Facts About Ballia district


Ballia district is a part of Azamgarh division situated in the east of Uttar Pradesh.

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Rasra is the second major commercial area of the Ballia district, having a government sugar mill and a cotton weaving industry.

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Ballia district was established in 1879 out of Ghazipur district along with some parts of Azamgarh district.

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The Ballia district contributed a sum of 13,000 rupees to the Tilak Memorial Swaraj Fund.

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British goods were boycotted, and foreign goods were burnt in public: among the recorded incidents in Ballia district were one ganja seller in Rasra and a number of cloth merchants in Ballia who publicly burnt their wares in protest.

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In 1972, in honour of the anniversary of the independence of India, 616 people in Ballia district were recognized for their contributions during the struggle for independence with copper plate inscriptions.

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The Ballia district has a population density of 1,087 inhabitants per square kilometre.

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Ballia district is surrounded by two major river Ganga and Ghaghra that make this land more fertile.

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Ballia district is famous for Sudist Baba Ashram which is located near to Raniganj Bazaar, Maharaj baba Ashram [Tiwari ke milki], and one more popular place Sri Khapadia Baba Ashram is located in Sankirtan nagar near to village Sripalpur which is popular religious place.

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Ballia district was the home of some distinguished freedom fighters who fought against the oppressive British imperialist government and managed to liberate the area from the British Raj from Ballia district for a few days from 19 August 1942 under the leadership of Chittu Pandey and others.

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Ballia district was born and brought up in Ibrahimpatti village in Ballia district.

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Ballia district holds the record as the longest serving member of Lok sabha for Ballia constituency.

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Jananayak Chandrashekhar University, Ballia district is a state university established in 2016 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in Ballia district, Uttar Pradesh.

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