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Baloo is a main fictional character featured in Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book from 1894 and The Second Jungle Book from 1895.

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Baloo is described in Kipling's work as "the sleepy brown bear".

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Robert Armitage Sterndale, from whom Kipling derived most of his knowledge of Indian fauna, used the Hindi word "Bhalu" for several bear species, though Daniel Karlin, who edited the Penguin reissue of The Jungle Book in 1987, states that, with the exception of colour, Kipling's descriptions of Baloo are consistent with the sloth bear, as brown bears and Asian black bears do not occur in the Seoni area where the story takes place.

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Karlin states that Baloo's diet of "only roots and nuts and honey" is a trait more common to the Asian black bear than to the sloth bear.

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Baloo, based on Kipling's creation, has appeared in various Disney productions, starting with the company's 1967 feature-length animated film adaptation of The Jungle Book.

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Baloo is patient and strong; his only apparent weakness is that he's ticklish.

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Baloo is initially opposed to bringing Mowgli to the Man Village, wanting to raise him as a son.

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Baloo isn't seen again until the climax of the film, when he sees Mowgli preparing to battle Shere Khan.

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Baloo is eager to reunite with Mowgli, in spite of Bagheera's exasperation and the return of a vindictive Shere Khan, humiliated by his previous defeat at Mowgli's hands.

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Baloo sneaks into the Man Village at night after eluding Bagheera and Colonel Hathi's herd to visit Mowgli and takes him off into the jungle after being caught by the village girl, now given the name Shanti, who felt bad for getting Mowgli in trouble and unknowingly saves him from Shere Khan, who came to the village.

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When Baloo makes fun of Mowgli's life in the village and scares Shanti like Mowgli asked him to, he unintentionally hurts Mowgli's feelings and annoys him.

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Baloo became a popular character after the success of the Disney films.

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Baloo was made famous by the song "The Bare Necessities", sung by Phil Harris, in which he tells Mowgli how to live off the land and still have a life of luxury.

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Baloo has an easy-going and cheeky personality just like the Jungle Book version.

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Baloo is portrayed by an American black bear named Casey.

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Baloo first meets Mowgli as a cub when Mowgli finds him trapped inside a broken log.

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Baloo first appears when Kaa is about to devour Mowgli and rescues him from the python before she can eat him.

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Baloo then takes Mowgli back to his cave and tells him to help him gather honey in exchange for saving his life.

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Baloo then speaks with Bagheera, and Baloo reluctantly agrees to send Mowgli away to the Man-village so he is safe from Shere Khan.

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Baloo makes a cameo appearance in the 2022 film Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, where he was voiced by Steven Curtis Chapman.

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Baloo is depicted in this series as wearing glasses and, like his Disney self, as a tall and obese sloth bear with a bipedal gait.

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Baloo, feeling that Bagheera betrayed Mowgli and caused him to fail in being a teacher to him, got into a physical altercation with the panther; stating that Bagheera was not the only one to care about Mowgli and showing underneath the gruff exterior, the bear did care.

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