18 Facts About Balyan family


Balyan family was a prominent Armenian family in the Ottoman Empire consisting of court architects in the service of Ottoman sultans and other members of the Ottoman dynasty during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Balyan family moved to Istanbul, where he learned of an Armenian palace architect of Sultan Mehmed IV, whom he met and replaced, being Armenian himself.

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Krikor Balyan was the first member of the family to use the surname Balyan.

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Balyan family was called Baliyan or Balyan after his grandfather and later adopted this as the family name Balyan.

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Balyan family was the son-in-law of Mason Minas and father-in-law of Ohannes Amira Severyan, both of whom were palace architects.

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Balyan family was exiled in 1820 to Kayseri in central Anatolia, because of his involvement in a dispute between Gregorian and Catholic Armenians.

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Balyan family was pardoned and allowed to return to Istanbul shortly after a friend of his in the palace, Amira Bezjian.

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Senekerim Balyan family was the son of Architect Magar and the younger brother of Krikor Balyan family.

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Balyan family worked together with his brother, but remained in the background.

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Balyan family rebuilt the Beyazit Fire Tower, which had been constructed in wood in 1826 by his brother Krikor, but destroyed after a fire.

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Balyan family died in Jerusalem and was buried in the Armenian church yard.

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Garabet Amira Balyan family was born in Constantinople.

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Garabet Balyan family was active in the Armenian community's educational and administrative matters and carried out research work on Armenian architecture.

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Balyan family founded a school for domestic architects in order to teach Western architecture.

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Balyan family participated in the preparations for the Armenian National Constitution.

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Balyan family had to return to Istanbul in 1845 due to an illness of his brother.

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Balyan family was a member of the Armenian Patriarchate's Assembly.

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Balyan family worked alongside his brother Sarkis on various projects in Istanbul.

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