13 Facts About Bangarraju


Bangarraju was filmed from August to December 2021, with film score and soundtrack composed by Anup Rubens.

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Bangarraju was released theatrically on 14 January 2022, coinciding with Sankranti.

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When Bangarraju is returning to Narakam, he is told that he has been shifted to Svargam due to the good deeds that he has done during his time back on earth.

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In one such instance where Chinna Bangarraju is found with a girl, Satyabhama sees this and has a heart attack, which she dies from.

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Meanwhile, Bangarraju tries to get Naga Lakshmi to like Chinna Bangarraju, which she does.

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Sampath, on the other hand, knows that Bangarraju's soul is the one that killed his father and grandfather and that the soul is back now for Chinna Bangarraju and tells Aadi about it.

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When Chinna Bangarraju is on the verge of being killed, the divine snake from the earlier film falls on Ramu's car, and Bangarraju, sensing this, jumps into Ramu's body to fight Sampath, Ramesh, and Aadi.

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Chinna Bangarraju regains consciousness, and the ring is removed from his hand, allowing Bangarraju to enter his body.

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Chinna Bangarraju sees Satyabhama and talks about how he lived with sadness after her death and he begs her not to leave him again.

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Bangarraju production was supposed to begin some time after Soggade Chinni Nayana but was postponed due to several reasons.

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Times of India critic Neeshita Nyapati opined that Bangarraju was an "old wine in a new bottle, " and had nothing fresh to offer.

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Bangarraju was successful at the box office, grossing around 63.

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On its opening day, Bangarraju grossed crore worldwide, with a distributor's share of crore.

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