32 Facts About Barbara Franklin


Barbara Franklin was one of the original commissioners and first vice chair of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Barbara Franklin has served on the board of directors of 18 companies, including Dow Chemical, Aetna Inc.


Barbara Franklin is currently the president and CEO of Barbara Franklin Enterprises, a private international consulting firm.


Barbara Franklin was one of the first women graduates of the Harvard Business School.


Barbara Franklin was married to Wallace Barnes, retired chairman and CEO of Barnes Group.


In 1962, Barbara Franklin graduated with distinction from Penn State University and received its Distinguished Alumni Award in 1972.


Barbara Franklin is a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta and was its Beta Phi chapter president.


Barbara Franklin joined the Singer Company in New York City, first in the consumer products division and then as a member of the corporate planning staff.


Barbara Franklin's analysis led to the bank's first government relations department, which she created and headed until 1971.


In 1971, while at the First National City Bank, Barbara Franklin was recruited by President Richard Nixon to bring more qualified women into high-level, policy-making government positions.


Barbara Franklin's appointment was part of a multi-pronged initiative by the Nixon administration following a press conference on February 6,1969.


Malek asked Barbara Franklin to be this recruiter, and on April 12,1971, Barbara Franklin began her position for this presidential initiative.


In 1994, Barbara Franklin donated her governmental papers to the Penn State University Archives.


Barbara Franklin called Franklin and suggested an oral history project to preserve the memories of the men and women involved in this presidential initiative.


Barbara Franklin was sworn in on May 14,1973, for a term of seven years.


Barbara Franklin served under presidents Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter.


Barbara Franklin served again as the Vice Chairman from 1977 to 1978.


Barbara Franklin chaired the Task Force of Tax reform and was a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Barbara Franklin led a presidential mission to China in December 1992 for the purpose of normalizing commercial relations between the United States and China.


Barbara Franklin's mission lifted that sanction and brought back $1 billion in new contracts for American companies.


Barbara Franklin has been a participant in every Republican convention from 1972 to 2008 as a delegate, organizer, or speaker, and has been involved in numerous campaigns, both on the national and state levels.


Barbara Franklin was co-chair of the national finance committee, organized outreach activities, and chaired a fundraising dinner in 1991 for his campaign that raised more than $1 million.


In 1979, Barbara Franklin was named a Senior Fellow of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.


At Wharton, Barbara Franklin recreated a program to bring MBA candidates to Washington, DC as part of their course work.


Barbara Franklin has served on the board of directors of 14 public companies and four private companies.


Barbara Franklin has served on every possible board committee, and has chaired six public company audit committees, two governance committees, and has served as lead director.


Barbara Franklin became Chairman Emerita of the National Association of Corporate Directors in May 2013, following the completion of a four-year term during which NACD expanded dramatically.


Barbara Franklin is Chairman Emerita of the Economic Club of New York, of which she served as the first woman chairman, and is the past president and first woman president of the Management Executives' Society.


Barbara Franklin is a member of the Committee for Economic Development, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Asia Society, the International Women's Forum and member emeritus of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Advisory Council.


Barbara Franklin is a former trustee of the Pennsylvania State University and a former member of the Board of Dean's Advisors at Harvard Business School.


Barbara Franklin is a founding member of Executive Women in Government and of the Women's Forum of Washington, DC Barbara Franklin has been a regular commentator on international economic matters and corporate governance on national media sources, most notably PBS's Nightly Business Report.


Currently, she serves as the president and CEO of Barbara Franklin Enterprises, headquartered in Washington, DC.