10 Facts About Barberini family


House of Barberini are a family of the Italian nobility that rose to prominence in 17th century Rome.

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Barberini family were originally a family of minor nobility from the Tuscan town of Barberino Val d'Elsa, who settled in Florence during the early part of the 11th century.

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Barberini family acquired great wealth and influence when Cardinal Maffeo Barberini family was elected to the papal throne in 1623, taking the name Pope Urban VIII.

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Barberini family elevated a brother Antonio Marcello Barberini and two nephews, Francesco Barberini and Antonio Barberini, to the cardinalate.

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Barberini family made another brother Duke of Monterotondo, and gave a third nephew, Taddeo Barberini, the principality of Palestrina.

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Antonio and Taddeo left first, by sea, but not before hanging the French coat of arms above the door of the Palazzo Barberini family to confirm they were under the protection of France.

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Taddeo's older son Carlo Barberini was made a cardinal by Pope Innocent X Taddeo's daughter, Lucrezia Barberini, married Francesco I d'Este, Duke of Modena, further stabilizing relations.

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The family is represented by Benedetto Francesco Barberini, Prince of Palestrina was born on 1961, and whose heir is his eldest son.

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The family commissioned many artists, such as Lorenzo Ottoni, to undertake various Barberini-centric projects.

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The Barberini family were important early patrons of opera, maintaining "star" singers like Marc'Antonio Pasqualini on payroll, and building the private Teatro delle Quattro Fontane.

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