12 Facts About Barefoot


Barefoot's anticipated the modern women's liberation movement by urging women to rid themselves of corsets and matrimony.

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Barefoot's believed her utopian dance vision and program would ameliorate the perceived ills of modern life and restore the world to the imagined perfection of Ancient Greece.

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Barefoot's was cast in a movie by writer and director Harry Dawes and became a major star.

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Barefoot's liked the name because it went well with her simple and elegant cooking style.

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Barefoot's sold the store in 1999 and wrote her first book, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, which became one of the best-selling cookbooks of the year.

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Barefoot's would go on to write more cookbooks and, in 2002, started production of a television show on the Food Network, named the Barefoot Contessa, which continues to run.

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Barefoot logged 102 miles, or 413 laps on the South Medford High School track, barefoot.

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Barefoot running can be dangerous, especially to runners who do not adequately prepare or give their feet time to adapt to the new style.

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Barefoot skateboarding has been witnessing a revival in recent times.

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Barefoot kicking decisively fell out of favor during the 1990s as new materials and technology in cleat design enabled shoe manufacturers to develop kicking footwear specifically for American football, based on successful designs of soccer cleats.

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Barefoot remains the all time scoring leader for barefoot kickers with 872 points.

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Barefoot kickers playing in Canada were typically American players signed by CFL teams, however due to strictly-enforced rules ensuring a minimum number of Canadians on a CFL roster its teams generally endeavor to sign Canadian kickers.

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