16 Facts About Barney Barton


Barney Barton is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Barney Barton lost both his parents at a young age when his father, an abusive alcoholic, lost control of his car and collided with a tree.

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Later, when Clint was severely injured at the hands of the Swordsman for discovering his embezzlement scheme, Barney Barton condemned his brother for not remaining loyal to his mentor.

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Barney Barton, having had enough of the carnival, decided to enlist in the army.

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Barney Barton suggested that Clint should join him and make a fresh start.

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Barney Barton told his brother that the offer still stood, and he would wait for him if he changed his mind.

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The next morning, Barney Barton stood at the bus depot, waiting and hoping his brother would change his mind.

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Barney Barton was approached by Egghead, who offered Barney a place on his villainous space-station in exchange for funds.

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Egghead discovered that Barney Barton was still displaying faint vital signs and placed him in a healing chamber.

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Barney Barton then delivered the dying Trick Shot to Avengers Tower as a message to Hawkeye.

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In custody, Barney Barton agreed to a bone marrow transplant to save his brother's sight, but only so he could battle Hawkeye again in the future.

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Barney Barton remains with the team until the Dark Avengers escape their handlers and disband.

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Sometime after dissolution of the group, the homeless and disheveled Barney Barton goes to live with Clint, with whom he apparently reconciled, at his new apartment.

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Barney Barton is a highly trained former FBI agent and is a proficient marksman, exceptional athlete and skilled hand-to-hand combatant with incredible reflexes.

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Barney Barton was later trained by Buck Chisholm, the same man who trained Hawkeye, to become a highly skilled archer displaying uncanny accuracy.

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Barney Barton later appeared as a member of a Dark Avengers team where his insecurities over his unfavorable comparison to his brother dominated his character, and ultimately, that is exactly what gets at the heart of what is great about the character.

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