14 Facts About Baron Stafford


Baron Stafford, referring to the town of Stafford, is a title that has been created several times in the Peerage of England.

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Baron Stafford was executed for treason in 1483 and his titles were declared forfeit.

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Baron Stafford was the third and youngest son of Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel, grandson of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk .

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Lord Baron Stafford later became implicated in the Titus Oates plot, where fabricated evidence was used to prove an alleged Catholic plot against Charles II.

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Baron Stafford was childless and on his death in 1762 the earldom became extinct .

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The claim to the barony of Stafford passed to the late Earl's niece, Anastasia, the de jure sixth Baroness Stafford.

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Baron Stafford was the son of Sir George Jerningham, 5th Baronet, and his wife Mary, Lady Jerningham, only daughter of Mary Plowden, sister of the fourth Earl of Stafford.

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Baron Stafford petitioned the House of Lords for a reversal of the attainder and for a writ of summons Parliament.

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In 1824 the attainder of the first Baron Stafford was completely reversed, and on 6 July 1825 the House of Lords decided that Jerningham had been successful in his claim to the barony.

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Baron Stafford was summoned to Parliament the same year as the eighth Baron Stafford.

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Baron Stafford had earlier represented Pontefract in the House of Commons.

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Baron Stafford was the son of Emily Charlotte and her husband, Basil Thomas Fitzherbert.

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Baron Stafford assumed in 1913 by Royal licence the additional surname and arms of Stafford.

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Baron Stafford was succeeded by his younger brother, the thirteenth Baron.

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