20 Facts About Barstow California


Barstow California is an important crossroads for the Inland Empire and home to Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow California.

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Barstow California is named after William Barstow California Strong, former president of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.

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Barstow California has a series of murals along Main Street, depicting scenes from the city's history.

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Barstow California has a number of museums: Mojave River Valley Museum, Route 66 Mother Road Museum, the Western America Rail Museum, and the Desert Discovery Center.

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In November 2013, Dunkin' Donuts opened inside Barstow Station, becoming only the second location of that chain within the entire state of California and the first to be accessible to the general public.

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Barstow California is home to several privately owned restaurants, such as DiNapoli's Firehouse: Italian Eatery, Canton Restaurant, and Los Domingos.

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Barstow California was home to the Barstow California Riffians, a developmental semi-professional football team.

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Additionally, various construction projects have been announced for Barstow California, which include retail growth, an increase in lodging accommodation, and other businesses.

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Barstow California is mentioned in the 2009 movie The Hangover before the road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

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In 2015, Barstow was one of the filming locations for the film Sky as well as Bombay Beach, Hinkley, Joshua Tree, Landers, Lenwood, Ludlow, Newberry Springs, and Victorville, California.

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Barstow California was featured by Huell Howser in Road Trip Episode 101.

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Barstow California is mentioned in the lyrics of Route 66 composed by Bobby Troup.

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Composer Harry Partch wrote Barstow California, inspired by eight pieces of graffiti written by hitchhikers on highway railings in the city.

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Residents' song "Death in Barstow California" tells the story of two friends who visit and fall asleep in Barstow California.

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Goodnight, Texas's song "Barstow California" is a tale of a gold miner chasing his dream to the town, only to find that Barstow California does not have any gold, nor what he wants.

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Intercity buses that serve Barstow include Greyhound, Orange Belt Stages, Intercalifornias, TUFESA, and Fronteras del Norte, and FlixBus.

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The primary arteries serving Barstow are Interstate 40, Interstate 15, and California State Route 58.

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Barstow California Community Hospital is a 56-bed hospital serving the surrounding High Desert community.

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The new Barstow California Community Hospital, which opened its doors to the community in October 2012, is a 30-bed acute care facility with inpatient and outpatient services, and medical, surgical and emergency care.

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Barstow California has its own police department, plus a regional station of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, which serves the unincorporated areas around the city, including Newberry Springs, Trona, Baker and Ludlow.

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