12 Facts About Bashas'


Bashas' is a family-owned grocery store chain, primarily located in Arizona, with two locations outside the state in Crownpoint, New Mexico, and Shiprock, New Mexico.

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Bashas' has more than 130 stores serving every county in Arizona and Crownpoint, New Mexico.

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Bashas' had a location in Needles, California, which closed in May 2014.

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Bashas' doubled in size in the early 21st century with stores under the Bashas' name, as well as AJ's Fine Foods, and Food City, bringing the total to more than 130 stores.

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Nine stores that Bashas' acquired from previous chains continue to be represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers, which campaigns against the chain.

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In October 2007, an Administrative Law Judge sided with the UFCW and an NLRB ruling that Bashas' violated federal law by withdrawing recognition to the UFCW at the inherited stores.

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Bashas' has a Distribution Center, located in Chandler, which includes over 16 acres of under-roof space, as well as a full mechanic shop.

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The first store to officially incorporate the Bashas' name opened in 1932 in Goodyear, Arizona, as a company store.

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Bashas' was founded by Najeeb and Najeeby's sons, Ike Basha and Eddie Basha, Sr.

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In March 2014 Bashas' named Edward Basha III, president, CEO and chairman of the board.

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Bashas' had been president of the Super Saver group of stores.

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Bashas' competes primarily against Kroger-owned, Arizona-based Fry's Food and Drug, along with Albertsons and Safeway locations in Arizona.

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