10 Facts About Bass amplifier


Bass amplifier or "bass amp" is a musical instrument electronic device that uses electrical power to make lower-pitched instruments such as the bass guitar or double bass loud enough to be heard by the performers and audience.

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Gallien-Krueger 800RB was a solid state bass amplifier head introduced in 1983 that was liked by bassists for its loud, clean sound and durable construction.

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The Versatone Pan-O-Flex amplifier used a different approach to bi-amplification, with separate amplifier sections for bass and treble but a single 12-inch speaker.

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Bass amplifier, now dedicated to manufacturing, moved to new premises in Witham, Essex, in 1985 to satisfy the growing demand.

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An example of the powerful, loud bass amplifier systems used in grunge is Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez's setup.

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Bass amplifier uses four Ampeg SVT-2PRO amplifier heads, two of them plugged into four 1x18" subwoofer cabinets for the low register, and the other two plugged into two 8x10" cabinets.

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Bass amplifier cabinets have thicker wood panels than electric guitar amps, and often have stronger internal bracing.

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Some bass amplifier combos have a "whizzer cone" attached to the low-frequency woofer's centre.

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The preBass amplifier helps to ensure that the impedance of the pickup signal matches the impedance of the Bass amplifier, which improves the tone.

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The Ampeg B5R Bass Amplifier has two channels: clean and overdrive, with the ability to combine the two.

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