10 Facts About BBC Choice


BBC Choice was a British digital television channel which was owned by the BBC and was launched on 23 September 1998.

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At launch, BBC Choice mainly existed to supplement existing programming on BBC One and Two, with some low-profile original programming of its own.

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The BBC Choice ultimately planned to replace the channel with the higher-profile BBC Choice Three, which, after some delay, began broadcasting in February 2003.

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When BBC Choice launched, no digital TV receivers were available to the general public as Sky Digital and ONdigital had not yet launched.

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BBC Choice aired children's programmes; this duty transferred to CBBC Channel and CBeebies when they launched on the 11th of February 2002.

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From 29 November 1999, this was supplanted with a daily CBBC on Choice strand, running from 6am to 7pm every day, for programmes aimed at young children, with presentation links pre-recorded by a CBBC presenter.

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BBC Choice abandoned many of its original programmes such as Backstage, and aimed at younger people, with most of the early part of the schedules being made up of fifteen-minute programmes under the banner of "Refreshing TV" or "Micro TV".

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From October 2001, BBC Choice began screening a significant amount of new, young-skewing programming, the kind of content that had been earmarked for BBC Three.

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The final night of BBC Choice was given over entirely to previews of the new channel.

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BBC Choice had regional variations for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which were broadcast in place of the network BBC Choice service in their respective areas from 10:30pm to circa midnight nightly.

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