14 Facts About BBC Trust


BBC Trust was the governing body of the British Broadcasting Corporation between 2007 and 2017.

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In summary, the main roles of the Trust are in setting the overall strategic direction of the BBC, including its priorities, and in exercising a general oversight of the work of the Executive Board.

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The BBC Trust will perform these roles in the public interest, particularly the interest of licence fee payers.

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BBC Trust closed on 2 April 2017 at the expiry of the 2007 royal Charter, which had a 10-year lifespan.

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Governance of the BBC Trust was transferred to the new BBC Trust Board in April 2017, with Ofcom assuming regulatory duties.

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Appointments to the BBC Trust are made by Queen-in-Council, on the recommendation of UK government ministers.

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BBC Trust was originally to be chaired by Michael Grade, the then chairman of the board of governors.

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BBC Trust was replaced by the vice chairman, Diane Coyle, in an acting capacity until a new chairman was selected.

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Trust was heavily criticised in the popular press for its review of the amount the BBC pays for "top talent" and failing to answer whether stars like Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton were value for money.

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Concept of the BBC Trust came under severe political criticism once the Labour government had left power, in 2010.

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Subsequent Culture Secretary, Maria Miller had not made clear a position on whether the BBC Trust would exist under the next BBC Charter, although it was widely expected that there would be some form of management and governance re-structure.

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BBC Trust suggested that the BBC be overseen by a unitary board "charged with responsibility for meeting the obligations placed on it under the royal charter and agreement, and responsibility for the interests of licence fee payers", and that Ofcom take on the BBC's regulatory oversight.

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BBC Trust was supported by a team of 70 staff, known as the BBC Trust Unit.

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BBC Trust had four audience councils, which provided advice to the trust on the views of the audience in each Nation of the UK.

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