11 Facts About BEA Systems


BEA Systems, Inc was a company that specialized in enterprise infrastructure software products which was wholly acquired by Oracle Corporation on April 29, 2008.

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BEA Systems began as a software company, founded in 1995 and headquartered in San Jose, California.

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BEA Systems soon acquired the Tuxedo product itself, and went on to acquire other middleware companies and products.

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In 1998, BEA Systems acquired the San Francisco start-up WebLogic, which had built the first standards-based Java application server.

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In 2005, BEA Systems launched a new brand identity with the slogan "Think Liquid".

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BEA Systems announced a new product line called AquaLogic, which is an infrastructure software family for service-oriented architecture.

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BEA Systems turned the offer down the same day, saying that the company is "worth substantially more".

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BEA Systems started out with the Tuxedo software product, but currently the products they are best known for in the computer industry are the WebLogic product family, which consists of WebLogic Server, WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Portal, WebLogic Integration and JRockit.

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In 2005, BEA Systems launched a new product family called AquaLogic for service-oriented architecture deployment.

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BEA Systems has a product offering for the RFID market called the BEA Systems WebLogic RFID Product Family.

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BEA Systems produced the AquaLogic software suite for managing service-oriented architecture.

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